From Leuven, It continues to be a contradiction: firms are crying out for talent, and while there are still a lot of job seekers are. This is a mismatch on the labour market, however, has to be solved. “A lot of highly educated people carry out tasks, which are sometimes made by others that can be taken,” says Bart Moens of the university cooperative society is Workinc.

Bart and Moens, gives an example from his own career. “In my previous job, as an expert of labour market at Voka, I would join the seminars. It was also the very practical matters to think about. I was involved in the organisation and the control of entries and it rolls into the cracks of the boards, and to clean up the koffietassen. This is not to say that I’m well happy about that, but it didn’t fit in with my work content.”

A similar situation can be observed to see Beer in a lot of companies and jobs. “A lot of engineers, for example, today’s tasks, for example with regard to the administration, who have very different profiles to be able to be completed, suggests Beer. “That is going to help them, because it’s often not enough time for their core tasks within their competencies.”

the partnership is Workinc out of Kessel-Lo, will Beer help companies and their vacancies to be filled in to be filled in by another way, for jobs to look at. The company, employers for doing so. “Goal is to get the simple tasks out of the box for qualified staff to catch up, and then be grouped into jobs for the people that we want to activate it. In the Netherlands, this approach is more common,” says Beer, who at the Voka and labour mediators have a similar approach is used.

The driving force in the redefining of the tasks, it is not only efficiency, but also to the scarcity in the labour market. “In spite of the investments in employer branding campages, highly qualified recruiters, and smart wervingstactieken, it remains for many an employer to be very difficult to get suitable employees. At a time when there was still a lot of untapped potential in the labour market, low educational attainment, people aged 55 and over, persons with a migration background or people with a disability.” Beer is aiming this clearly at the touch of the vulnerable sections. “The white raven, which are difficult to find, but there are still a lot of colourful stones,” so what it sounds like.