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in VRT is set to the co-operation with the joint venture architects for the new TELEVISION building and allowed the design to immediately stop. Financial reasons seem to be, on the basis of this decision is to be. Indicating that the VRT OFFICIAL. The project is a result, perhaps, of years of delay. The team said Monday night in a press release, to disappointed out to be.

“For the VRT board of directors is not acceptable and that the cost of the new building, above the planned budget would be to go”, says in a statement to the staff. “This budget is based on a self-financing, through the sale of the land, and the gain in efficiency due to smaller, more fuel-efficient buildings are built. The VRT maintains that the agreements with the Flemish government and were created.”

The design of the temporary association of architects, Robbrecht & Daem + DIERENDONCKBLANCKE royal institute of british architects + Arup, UK + CA group), and thus will not be realized. It is not clear whether this decision was made due to the reduced levels of funding in the Flemish coalition agreement provides for.

The belgian is now committed to a new design and will be a new start. On a time schedule, they are not, however, the public broadcaster, considers himself to be “extra-prepared”. “It’s your own research over the past few years, among other things, media facilities and a new working environment, and that work is not lost for the future,” the board of directors. “In this process, the knowledge and understanding built on how the belgian media, will be in the future. That will provide a solid basis for a new design, within the budget outline.”

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the Minister of Media, understands the decision.

the minister of Media, Benjamin Dalle of CD&V) emphasised that due to the termination of the partnership.

“over the past few years, a lot of work to get the new TELEVISION building, and it is a shame that some of the work will be lost” said the minister It is disappointed. However, he also shows an understanding. “The new building is to be achieved within a clear budgetary framework within which the VRT shows that with the current architectural firm, has become impossible.”

It is convinced of the fact that the VRT is currently taking the necessary steps will be put in order as soon as possible to find a solution, and a new mediagebouw will be able to achieve that, it is ready for the future of the Bd., in Brussels, on a budget.

the Designers choices:

The design is that the VRT is working in the new building of the public broadcaster will find it is a pity that the cooperation will be terminated.

The design was, say, last Thursday night, suddenly aware of the decision of the VRT to a stop, after about two weeks of break, except reports in the press that the search would be to find a solution. “As designers, we can find it, of course, is very unfortunate. The TELEVISION project is a unique project in which various members of the design team, are fully committed to be deployed. In the first place, for the benefit of the belgian representative, but it is also for the benefit of a mediagebouw as a beacon of culture and a source of energy for the day to day life in Brussels and Flanders, according to the press release.

The design is there, in his own words, convinced that “working in close collaboration with the VRT, a project that is on the table, this is the stated budgetary objectives of respect”. “In the last discussion with the VRT, we go to the extreme to make the project a success, but we don’t have everything in our own hands,” says another.

the government Architect’s office, surprised (and yet not):

at the Brussels architect Kristiaan Borret was surprised to see the discontinuation of the co-operation of the VRT, the team of architects and engineers for new construction. However, the architect also notes that it offers, in Brussels, the estimates are.

at A high expense, it is just what the belgian did to decide to withdraw from the contract with the joint venture Robbrecht & Daem + Dierendonckblancke royal institute of british architects + Arup, UK + VK is the group to beat. There was a loss of trust and confidence in the execution of the project, because the budget is severely exceeded.

“I suppose the last time that the bids are in Brussels, far in excess of the estimates previously put forward. There is currently a boom in construction and infrastructure projects, which the market is allowing builders to high the prices be able to ask for, especially for the Brussels-based initiatives often make it more difficult,” says architect Borret is fixed.

“I am, however, surprised to see that it is not possible to achieve an adjustment of the design. The project will continue and it is still one of the best, not only because it’s a great design, but also to change the time to a minimum. The re-development of the site, Reyers should not be too much of a slow down, and the main ambition of maintaining the projects, such as the media Frame,” says Borret.
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