Inflation, war in Ukraine, tax theft… At the beginning of September, anxiety-provoking news is legion. And this even before mentioning some of the endemic crises that threaten the whole world, such as climate change. You only have to go to the supermarket to see some of the most obvious problems. Have you ever heard of “shrinkflation”? This phenomenon, on which Planet recently shone the spotlight, allows many manufacturers to take advantage of inflation… to improve their margins as much as possible, to the detriment of consumers.

Very concretely, it is a question of reducing the quantity offered for sale for a given product – a bottle of soda, for example – without modifying the price or the packaging in an obvious way. This is therefore an opportunity for the merchant to save quantities of products and sell everything at the same price.

Another aspect likely to worry the French and the French: the energy crisis that is preparing. The Head of State could not have been clearer on this subject: the time of abundance could well end… And some, among his ministers, warn of the possibility of shortages, even localized power cuts during Winter. Not to mention the drastic rise in prices that would have had to be faced without the tariff shield… And Bruno Le Maire insisted, indicates France Info: “The increase in gas and electricity tariffs would be at least 100 % next year !”

In order not to stay on such anxiety-provoking information, Planet offers you a series of unusual information. Summary in our slideshow, which you will find below.