The travel intermediaries Mytaxi in Hamburg, a daughter company of the Daimler group, has expanded in the past year, his business strong. How Mytaxi announced on Wednesday, increased the number of journeys in Europe by 60 per cent to more than 40 million. The reason for the increase was, among other things, that the company has expanded its service, in which passengers can order a Taxi directly to the driver without going through the Headquarters, to other cities such as Naples, Oxford, Edinburgh and Porto.

Christian Müßgens

economic correspondent in Hamburg.

F. A. Z.

in Addition, the App has been redesigned and new functions added. So users, who want to be in the same direction can share about the service “Match” a Taxi, and thus also the cost for a ride, a model on the VW group with its service by Moia. Total sales in 2018 is increased by 75 percent, according to Mytaxi, without naming concrete Figures.

employees and Marketing

Also, for 2019 the company, founded in 2010 in Hamburg and in 2014 Daimler was taken over a plant, growth. You want to invest in new products, staff and Marketing. Also, Mytaxi wants to attract new riders.