Sydney-Hobart-race: the most Spectacular goal of the Regatta-story entrance


    A heart-stopping was the duration of the winner of the Sydney to Hobart race for the tenth Time to the finish line as the first Yacht to cross and brought her to the ninth victory in the traditional race. Because in the last year, Wild Oats XI had been stripped of her victory after a Protest of your this year’s strongest opponent Comanche.

    Christoph Hein

    Economics correspondent for South Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

    F. A. Z.

    this year, the team at the end of second-placed Super-Maxi Black Jack about a new fraud on the part of Wild Oats XI: you have turned off the required location tracking system during the race, so that their Position had been identified for their competitors. A Protest but Skipper Peter Harburg is not submitted. And so it was the successful boat leader Mark “Richo” Richards of Wild Oats XI, after the Disaster of last year, still on the water in the port of the Tasmanian capital of Hobart, “to make amends, guys, reparation”.

    628 nautical miles

    The 74. Edition of the traditional race in Australia led 628 nautical miles from the East coast metropolis on the island of Tasmania to the South of the continent. This year, 85 yachts, including the German Freddy Böhnert started, a deep-sea experienced lawyer in hiatus, had transferred to his ship myself to Australia. He was most recently at 36. Point, however, the calculated time counts in the end.

    Richards described the finish of the top Quartet of the super Maxis shortly after eight o’clock on the Australian Morning than the most spectacular in the decades-long history of the Regatta. His fourteen-year-old racing machine, which belongs to the billionaire Oatley family, he explained to the “Australian icon”.


    All the four super Maxis, each with around 100 feet in length, reached the target in just 43 minutes. Only a short time before Black Jack had overtaken the long leading Comanche and made in the end, only 63 seconds, you are good. Wild Oats XI had transferred only 45 nautical miles before the finish line. Info track took place four and the Wild Oats X came up with an all-women team as a sixth to the finish.

    No record time possible

    Despite the excellent weather, 20 years after the disaster race of 1998, in which six sailors lost their lives and dererin this year, it was thought, had to work in teams is extremely hard. Richards explained that they had changed since the Start of the Second day of Christmas, virtually every single sail aboard ten times. Due to the downturn in the Derwent River on the way to Hobart was a record time, still out of reach: one day, 19 hours and 35 minutes the winners crossed this year will be the time of the Comanche from the past year to almost ten hours.

    the winner of Richards praised the sailors of his Crew, from Top international. Strategist Ian Murray, Navigator Juan Vila, and tactician Glenn Bourke would have to control the Yacht practically at the slack hole over, and then get the first to the final decisive gust. “That was the maneuver that brought us the victory.”