SP-Bureau – No Challenger, far and wide, for Meyer and wormwood


SP-Bureau – No Challenger, far and wide, for Meyer and Wermuth Priska Seiler Graf and Mathias Reynard their joint candidacy to withdraw for the SP Bureau. Who wants to now have the chance to Duo rich in the way?Janine Hosp, Stefan Häne9 Kommentare9Mattea Meyer, behind Cédric Wermuth, on the occasion of your first official Hearings in early March in Bellinzona. Photo: Keystone

Long before the delegates the President, with the Greens, who will it: Balthasar Glättli. In the SP it could be the lack of applicants now as well: Priska Seiler Graf and Mathias Reynard have withdrawn their candidacy for a Co-presidency; Reynard wants to defend the SP-based in the Valais government, and of the Zurich-Seiler count don’t want to compete with someone else or alone. “I can’t replace Mathias Reynard just like that,” she says.

So the party Secretariat on the SP in Bern only two applications: Those of the two national councils Mattea Meyer (ZH) and Cédric Wermuth (AG), to lead the party together. And those of the 25-year-old Bernese climate activists Martin Schwab. He has held no political office.

for More interested parties still have the whole summer time to apply: Due to the Corona-crisis, the party opens a second window of time, and takes between 10. August and 2. September for additional registrations. At the Congress of the party of 17. and 18. October will be determined by the Bureau. However, some doubt in the party that anyone reports, and more formally, the chance of Duo Meyer/wormwood is the opposite.

Legitimation for the marching

however, many would regret in the SP, also group chief Roger Nordmann: “It would be an asset to the party, if there was a choice.” On the question of whether he would himself call for the Duo Meyer/wormwood out, he says, but only: “for Me, the role as group President like that very much.”

national councillor Matthias Aebischer (BE) considers the candidacy of Meyer/wormwood as a good candidate. Nevertheless, he finds: “For a party, it is important to have a choice.” Only in this way, there is a substantive discussion, as they had been in the past few months led. And with multiple candidates is also clear that in the Background you have not already made a choice had been.

national councillor Franziska Roth (SO) sees another reason: A fighting choice would be the Duo that was now properly going through the marches, the necessary Legitimation. It has also been shown in the January interest on the office, is now a part of other obligations.

“Who wants to be a candidate for this office?”

SP-national councillor Yvonne Feri

Who’s left? As last November was not known that the party President Christian Levrat stand for re-election, have already in the following weeks, more and more Comrades canceled as promised. Including the national councillors Flavia water fall, Nadine, mass Hardt, Barbara Gysi, Jacqueline Badran, Min Li Marti, Céline Widmer and Gabriela Suter. And as Mathias Reynard, the Basler Beat Jans is running for a seat in the cantonal government. And those who have not at that time be cancelled, do it on request now: Eric Nussbaumer, Angelo Barrile, Franziska Roth, Yvonne Feri, and Ada Marra.

“Who wants to be a candidate for this office?”, national councillor Yvonne Feri (AG) asks. It is to be connected to so much Power. It requires a lot of time, a lot of nerves, and the merit is small. According to information from the party Secretariat of the President, or the President of the 50’000 Swiss francs per year. How this would be handled in a Co-presidency, has not yet been clarified conclusively. In principle, the compensation judge, however, after the function, not the Person.

A man alone has no chances

the SP in the National Council and Council of States to 48 members does not matter, it can be possible but not all: A President or a President should know, and a certain Position in the group, have held that the resignation should not, however, be foreseeable. According to the Freiburg Christian Levrat, it is likely to be also someone from the German part of Switzerland, and it would have to be at least as a Co – President-a woman. One man alone had little Chance; the SP was presided over in its history just seven years, from 1997 to 2004, by a woman – the first of Ursula Koch, then of Christiane Brunner.

“A nomination from the German part of Switzerland would be desirable. But even more important is that a woman is represented in the Bureau,” says Yvonne Feri. As a former President of SP-women Switzerland, you know, what with such an office to in the womb. You yourself don’t have the time for it.

The SP has not addiction used for the follow-up Levrats a Commission, which prepared the election, but actively for Candidates. As President of the Zurich Old-cantonal councillor Markus Notter. He is of the opinion that the SP is in a comfortable position. To be the beginning of two good Teams have been at the Start. If there is only one thing remaining, was not bad.

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