Southern Europe woos tourists – Come to us!Paid flights, Free-Corona-Tests and extra beds in the hospital: What are the strange ideas that some countries have to holiday guests to attract.Hans Gasser0 comment beach without the crowds (here in the vicinity of Rome) – actually, a dream. Many people are afraid to travel abroad now.Photo: Emanuele Valeri (Keystone)

The “D-Day” of tourism is getting closer. And even if this drastic rewriting of the Italian foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, of the 15. June has in fact referred to exactly, his German colleague Heiko Maas might actually be not likely to offer like: The bet and Paramours to holiday guests from the North has already begun. If on 15. June is made the freedom to travel in Europe to a large extent, want to be many of the tourism-dependent countries and regions in the whole of the front. Therefore, it is well advertised and attracted, no matter what the cost it.

For #Staycation, so holidays in their own country, is encouraged in many countries by the state (in Italy, for example, up to € 500 subsidy per family), Many countries and places are mainly dependent on foreign tourists. Sicily, for example, where half of the annual five million visitors from abroad: There, the regional government took the initiative, they wanted to cost foreign tourists, 50 percent of the flight and any third hotel night to pay for. However, the intended sum of € 50 million would not be enough for a long time. Of the prospect of vouchers on the tourism Website of the island is so far anyway, nothing.

On the opposite side of the country, in South Tyrol, campaigned to the last to every guest of the hotel, this wish, a Corona Test to pay. What should be of more value to a vacationer, you could not quite understand. What if the Test is positive?

all-round care for Ill

In this regard, one has Cyprus been a little more thought. The country divides the leisure, first in A – and B-guests. Who belongs to the A-countries, such as Germany, Austria or Bulgaria, may 20. June without any proof of Health permit. Holiday makers from the B-countries, to which, curiously, is also the Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Croatia belong to way, must produce a negative Covid-19-Test. In addition, sample testing of incoming travelers from the A-countries.

someone Should be Corona positive, he needs not to Worry: In one of three Cypriot Ministers signed the Protocol to the Patients and their families ensures an all-round care. Accommodation, food, Drink, and treatment at the expense of the Republic of Cyprus, means there.

In a “Covid-19-hospital” would be held 100 beds exclusively for vacationers free, and the same number of intensive care beds. For the non-diseased family members, in turn, 500 rooms in the own quarantine of the Hotels are provided to give, as it is called, “the other travelers a peace of mind that their Hotels are free from Covid-19”.

For Croatia’s enough of an online form

Who does not want to take this kind of state care rather can be from countries such as Croatia curls: Here, even before the age of 15. June-free entry for tourists from the EU. You had to have a days of a booking confirmation to the limit, it is sufficient now, in advance of an online form to fill out with name, passport number and a few questions to Covid-19. This should go to the border quickly.

“We live from tourism”, said recently, the Croatian President Zoran Milanović, to some extent, vicariously for all countries for a holiday. “It is in our interest that as many people as possible to come to us.”

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