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Farmers from the Union of Breeders of fighting Bulls (UCTL) of Seville have donated in this month of June the Food Bank six tons of meat of the cattle that have not been dealt by the suspension of bullfighting by the pandemic coronavirus.

in Addition to Food Bank of Seville , this initiative embodied in a written agreement signed by both institutions is intended to be extended to Cadiz, Jaén, Extremadura and Salamanca, initially, for what, according to the UCTL “have involved several managers and ranchers of the entity”.

In the same document, the ranchers are reminded that the flesh of bravo is “ a healthy product and healthy ” and is being directed exclusively to strengthening the aid programs of the Food Bank “that are viviéndose overwhelmed and in need of cooperation to face this moment so hard for the Spanish society”, they explain.

breeders of bravo remind us that “this health crisis caused by the pandemic Covid19 is causing problems in many Spanish families who in these days have to resort to Food Banks to feed”.

In any case, farmers are warning of the difficulties that you are passing the field bravo, “a sector directly affected by the health measures imposed by the coronavirus, and that is expected to cause losses that exceed the 77 million “.

Hundreds of wild cattle that had to be dealt with in the bullrings have had to be slaughtered in the slaughterhouses for industrial lost much of their value, in the farms most accredited, has gone from about € 6,000 per copy 500 of the value of the meat destined for consumption.

The promoter of this initiative is the farmer seville Fernando Sampedro, the executive of the Union of Breeders of fighting Bulls, which states that “in these times we all need to help each other, and the ranchers we’ve always been involved in charitable causes”.