Scuba divers visit the wreck of the ship, but discover it, something very rarely seen on the way back


the Researchers, leading to a shipwreck from the Second world War and went into hiding, could hardly believe their eyes when they’re on the way to something very particular, saw a clear, enchanting, translucent sphere. When the thing is there used, they find out that it was a huge eierzak of a cuttlefish was.

It would, according to the researchers, in order to pijlstaartinktvissen the group zeeweekdieren that the reuzeninktvis and the colossal squid are a part of. It is not clear how large the parents of the “baby” was when she was in the eierzak of the ocean, toevertrouwden.

Pijlstaartinktvissen tend to be no larger than two inches, but their larger cousin, the reuzeninktvis have been instances of up to twenty feet have been observed.

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