Sarah Vandeursen, well-known from the ideal world , Callboys , and the electrogroep , Kenji Minogue, , tells the story in The Standard openly about mental health problems. She was said to be very deep, even the humor couldn’t say much more. At a certain point, were they even in the darkest of thoughts.

In February 2018 gained Vandeursen said her lowest point. She came home and caught her housemate, “and said in a seemingly casual: “I want to die’. This was just like that. I was shocked at himself. I was the get irritable, okay, but I didn’t have a clue where that saying came from. That night, I decided to get into therapy.” Since she’s in therapy again, it is her world, in her own words – ‘kill’ is passed. “That feels so good, and it’s very, very painful. It is the real thing. All feels a bit real now,” said Vandeursen in The Standard.

the Ideal World

She was feeling at that time was not good, the program is ideal world . “ I saw it as a terrible failure. It was a very sensitive issue. The ideal world it was, in my eyes, the set of the television had been. It was the place where I wanted to go to work, where I was a perfect fit. However, after a full year since I had my site still has not been found. The editorial board of the ideal world is a violent place to be. If you’re straight in at the deep end together.”

She could not settle within the heavy, mostly-male staff of the program. “For the first time, I was faced with in my position as a woman. It was quite a shock. As before, I had never stopped to think that I was a woman. (…) Beware, I’m no-one can accuse of shocking sexism.” However, she felt that the humor will still be a men’s. “Jan-Jaap ( van der Wal ed. I, the comparison with the kleuterjuffen made. That’s a good one, in my opinion. Now, imagine that you are the only one which ends up in a group of kleuterjuffen. Who will tolerate you, however, you can do it, but the overwhelming feeling is that they are better with children. Thus, it is the ideal world , with a good sense of humor.”


The situation in an Ideal World, it is not the only cause of her mental problems. “Most recently, the broken hearted, where I am easily over it, am on board. I also grew up with a major depressed mother.” Also, she was a youth where she ‘kapotrelativeerde with good sense of humor. When she was nine years old, she was raped. “I thought to myself: “ok, ok, so I’ve not been raped, it’s not too bad. Do not have the foggiest about how to do so, you could say.” Humor was an outlet for her trauma: “To be sure, no one would notice that anything had happened. It’s hard to tell. The shame is that I was about to feel, is overwhelming. The point is that I am no longer on wíl be ashamed of. That is why I say it now, because the shame is unfounded.”

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