For the first time, to give the Belgians more than 1 billion euros of paid-for sex, ” says the National Bank of Belgium. That sent investigators to the city’s red light area to count. Like the work of a baker, and a butcher is that of the sex worker’s gross domestic product (gdp), reported The newspaper on Saturday. The gdp is the total value of all goods and services which are to be delivered in the country.

Last year, ordered the Belgians to 27% in sex workers than in 2008. They spent 1 billion euros in paid-for sex as estimated by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) for its annual calculation of the gross domestic product (gdp).

As relating to sex work are usually “under the radar”, it is difficult to estimate the economic activity that it is. In the past, that happened with a survey, but this method is unreliable, according to academics. “That’s why we are in 2015, the NBB is an estimation method that does not focus on the customer, but it is on the range and on the observations made in the field, ” says professor of economics Stef Adriaenssens (KU Leuven) in belgium at The Time. The researchers observed in six Belgian cities and towns, the number of windows, the number of sex workers who have been working and the number of customers. “Customers have had with surveillance video, which we have subsequently been destroyed,” says Adriaenssens on Radio 1.

the Brothels, to the private reception

finally, The NBB takes into account the sex workers who operate in brothels, sex clubs and massage parlors, but also by the people living on the street, at home, or through a escortedienst sex in exchange for money. The non-physical, paid-for sex, for example via cams – not included in the calculation. “The increase is mainly due to the expanding population, and the rate of inflation,” says the national bank’s spokesman Geert Sciot. In order to calculate, it went to the researchers, to become the The latter is a sort of trip advisor for sex workers’. On the basis of customer reviews, forum discussions, and the view of a profile of a sex worker, they were able to have the income of a sex worker who is only working from home, or escortediensten supply.

at Home, relating to sex work are on the rise. By The Time it’s escorts, and privéontvangst accounting for 55% of the market. “In terms of both the customer and the sex worker will arrange for paid-for sex is more and more accessible,” says professor Magaly Rodriguez Garcia (catholic university of Leuven), at The Time, as a history teacher, who is in prostitution, is one. “More and more, they are speaking directly to customers over the internet, without a pimp. The event will take place at the sex worker’s home. Some of the sex workers and rent for a while in a room in a house with more sex and are a part of their income to the owner of the company.”

Since the 1990s, writing for the United Nations for countries to take into account the (semi-)illegal activities, including relating to sex work and trafficking when they are in gdp calculations. Since 2014 and is mandatory in the European Union, relating to sex work and to take into account.