To 2.20 PM, it went from the Frankfurt airport on the trip – despite the night-flight ban. Because the vacationers on the way to the Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam have been set by the travel group TUI, in buses, a plane would have stayed for you because of the Strike of the personnel at the security checkpoint this Morning out of reach. And so the holiday makers had, instead of a direct flight to the Red sea first of all, a bus tour on German highways and a shift in the plane in Karlsruhe, where the trade Union Verdi called the control staff to the recusal. As a precaution, the company TUI Fly had brought their Jets for the morning flights there.

Timo Kotowski

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

The most far-reaching recusal, the aviation security assistant in Germany, eight airports began in Frankfurt with driving in front of the Terminals to the 3 o’clock, the society Condor vacationers karrie on the way to Tenerife, first to Stuttgart. While for a flat rate of rice at the end of the whole holiday depended on that to come, at least in a roundabout way to the goal, should have taken some business travelers, the warning strike as an occasion, one of the many away cancelling appointments.