Risk analysis for turnip lantern procession – the Zurich city police for a pointless and unnecessary law, honored officials ask for a risk analysis for a turnip lantern procession. At an award ceremony, they landed now on the second place.Simon Huwiler10 Kommentare10

turnip lantern processions are an underestimated danger. Small people running at night, with a missile-like balls of fire through the dark city. Unsuspecting passers-by to be driven with psychological well-placed Brätelduftmarkierungen in the fresh-dependence. And again and again halls cryptic slogans through the narrow streets. It comes to lanterns and stars, and that they go home, if “de Biiswind chunt”. La road! La jitters! La bum!

Maybe the Zurich city police tried to tame this pagan worship of shriveled pumpkin plagiarism. The weapon of authority: a risk analysis. Initiators must advance to answer questions to potential hazards. Storm, for example, but of course no rush, bomb threats, and the not insignificant risk of “wild urinierern”. And with joke, the authority does not allow. As one organizer stated, namely as a possible risk factor, “too little chocolate bread”, was returned the questionnaire by return return. Fix!!!

Second place for Stapo

For your course of action has been nominated by the city police for the “Rusty paragraph”. A prize is awarded according to the “female freedom” – for the “dumbest, unnötigste law”. This abusive price already the Canton of neuchâtel (push for a ban of Beerpong), the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (law for Grill and oven gloves), or about the Swiss Alcohol Board (ban of carrier bags with advertising Spirits, because these can also be used with non – alcoholic drinks filled) could take.

A public vote should decide the winner, on Thursday was the result of The Zurich city police is subject to the gender-appropriate road directions from Geneva and can look forward to a silvery stainless paragraphs.

“definitely more serious stuff could happen”

the digital award is Daniel Blumer, commander of the Zurich city police, insight into the beamtliche Think. Possible Worst-Case scenarios of a children’s procession would be the dresses that begin to burn, falling of persons or children that were lost. “There’s certainly more serious things could happen.” However, Blumer explained that this risk had not been invented analysis for the turnip lantern procession. One would have thought of demonstrations or events such as the Street Parade and the Züri-Fäscht. After all.

this year’s nominations for the “Rusty paragraph”gender-appropriate road signs

Because the road signs always show men, added the city of Geneva, 500 tablets with pictograms of women

risk analysis turnip lantern procession

The Zurich-based risk analysis landed on the second place.

building permit for the snow man

155 Swiss francs had to pay a climate activist from Texas, as she wanted to build on a public square make a snow man. 100 francs, the trade police, charged for the request, 55 francs as the minimum fee for a political action.

buses for a 5-year-old “black rider”

children under “the age of 5,99” drive into Schaffhausen for free on the Bus if they are accompanied by an adult. Since the 10-year-old sister was not regarded by law as an accompanying person, was fined the “black rider” with 100 Swiss francs.

bridging pension for old cows

cows wear emissions are a major contributor to the annual Greenhouse gas. Since old milk cows, however, less ejection as a boy, wants to create the Federal office for agriculture incentives, to allow these animals to live longer.

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