The Flemish energieregulator (VREG) will be in 2022, and they proclaimed a capaciteitstarief enter. According to the proposal will be spikes in the use of electricity is more expensive. In addition, the owners of the solar panels will also be a so-called ” injectietarief’ have to pay for it.

Today, the stroomfactuur is only determined by the size of the economy. It is in the VREG, from 2022 to bring about change: it could be that the energy regulators (accounting for 19 per cent of the average gezinsfactuur) as of January 1, 2022, at least in part, be charged for on the basis of the available capacity.

The new capaciteitstarief that the regulator wants to launch it, should be distributed elektriciteitsafname to promote the network as efficiently as possible. The VREG is hoping, for instance, that users of electric vehicles in their vehicle overnight will be charged, if the available capacity is greater and therefore less costly. “We need to be effective behaviors to promote” sound to it.

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the Peaks in the use of electricity will be more expensive to be paid for it. In other words, those who in the evening at 18 hours to get home, and have been micro-wave oven, light, at the same time, the battery of the electric vehicle, charging and starting to vacuum the floor, it will be more expensive than those in the morning, vacuumed the whole house, and in the evening to cook, and at night, the batteries charged up.

“If you are to consume, is very important. We want to encourage people to get to their peak, it’s just easier to manage. The higher the level, the higher the bill,” according to (VREG) and executive director Of Evervooren. “With the introduction of digital or smart meters, consumers will need to also permit you to use it to analyze and so it is better to be apart.”

the Extension to avoid:

“That is the cables lie in it”, according to the Evervooren, which is meant to prevent in the future a lot needs to be expanded. “The energy transition creates more electric cars, more solar panels and more use of heat pumps. We are trying to avoid more cables in the ground have to make. That is indeed a heavy investment, that is, the use of electricity is prohibitively expensive, threatening to create. We need to efficiently conduct promotion, if we have the energy to make it, but also because they are paid to do so.

the Solar

under the proposal, a injectietarief recorded for producers such as the owners of the solar panels. It will be possible to pay for the use of the grid as they are for their produced electricity to the network facilities.

The regulator is now launching a public consultation on the proposal, the new rates would come into effect on 1 January 2022. For specific figures on the impacts, according to the VREG, it is still too early in the morning.

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