Rigorous program until the summer of 2021 – Super-League-football on 26. December?The time to catch up, what are needed are creative solutions. In the summer of odd scenarios threaten. Fabian Ruch0 comment much on the go: On the footballer of YB (on the left of Christian Fassnacht) and Basel (Silvan Widmer) wait-intensive months.Photo: Raphael Moser

The football program until the summer of 2021 is enormously intense. And there are plenty of curious situations, as well as scheduling conflicts threaten. For example, in the Swiss football. For example, in August. After 13 Super League matches in six weeks (with a loud English weeks) is between 5. and 12. August of the Cup to the end played with a quarter-final, semi-final, Final.

The European football Association, in turn, the national associations has asked the leagues to 2. To end of August, so after that, the Champions League and the Europa League in the current season can be played to the end. With FC Basel, which is also represented in the Cup – and according to the current Uefa-scenario on 8. August would ride the Europa League eighth-final second leg against Eintracht Frankfurt (first leg 3:0 for FCB) best, and on 12. August (day of the Cupfinals), as well as on 15. August, the quarter-finals.

at the same time Basel, with all the greatest probability will participate in the qualification in the Europa Cup for next season. Third in the Super League, this starts today at 4. August in the Europa League, as a master on the 12. August! Maybe the FCB Cup quarter-final in Lausanne is therefore preferred to mid-June – which would defuse the Situation in August, but only to a limited extent.

There are many more examples. Bavois and Rapperswil from the promotional League will be riding the Cup quarter-finals with the cadres of the next season’s best – as it is for the Clubs in the Super League and Challenge League? And Sion can theoretically undergo after the season, only the Cup, but at the same time in the Barrage to be engaged. YB could as a master on the 12. August in the Cup final and would have to actually get in the same day, in the qualification for the Champions League.

So it goes, the Uefa has the final schedule is not yet adopted. According to insiders, I think, in the European Cup qualifications with a game without match. Or to let teams later to come on Board and shorten the procedure extremely to only one qualifying round. Since it is still unclear how the flight situation in Europe will look like in two months.

Pajtim Kasami could on 12. August riding with Sion in the Cup final and three days later for the opposing Team in the European Cup-emergence.Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone

Some countries want to start in August with the new season. Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern would be riding on the one hand, the encounters of the old season in the Champions League best – and at the same time, such in the League of the new season. But the question is: what are the cadres? It is also possible the constellation is that Pajtim Kasami on 12. August Sion of the Cup final contests against YB or Basel, and three days later for YB or Basel in the European Cup involved will be. Players will get to Transfer in any case, hardly any settling-in period with the new employer.

In the fall are scheduled in addition, six international match dates, also has yet to be found. But the associations are dependent from the sporting and economic aspects, and national-team encounters. In the provisional schedule of the next season for the first time in the Super League in the altjahre week (26./27. December and 29. to 31. December) and early January (2./3. January) game day set. Marriage is after three weeks of winter break. Perhaps, but is omitted in view of the appointment of chaos quite equal to the rest.

The program remains at least 2021 tightly timed, according to the season, the suspended Europe following Yes championship. To clarify all sorts of complicated questions about game dates, Transfers, game permissions, contracts, TV money in the next few weeks anyway.

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