Ridicule on their birthday – Trump with speed on a ramp for AufsehenDas network laughs and puzzled about the fact that Donald Trump was a “slippery” ramp slowly and carefully down.0 KommentareVor the world’s press falling? For the US President is a nightmare.Video: AP

That Donald Trump was a “slippery” ramp slowly and carefully down, in the immediately for ridicule. A second reason why the tag #Trumpisnotwell – Trump’s was not good on the weekend for the Trend with scathing remarks on Twitter, there is another Video snippet of a speech Trumps on Saturday in the West Point military Academy. There is to see how the US President at the Drink takes the second Hand to help to guide the glass to her lips.

Trump, who on Sunday was 74 years old, gave a statement on Twitter for additional attention: The ramp has been “very long and steep”, have had no railing to Hold on to and was very slippery. “The last thing I wanted to do was fall to the Fake News, have Fun.”

The issue age and lack of Fitness Trump in the US presidential election campaign is important. He mocks me often about his democratic Challenger, Joe Biden, because of language dropouts, and calls him “Sleepy Joe” (Sleepy Joe). Biden is 77 years old.


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