As every year, the hour of the tax declaration has arrived. From April 13, taxpayers will have until May 25, June 1 or June 8 to declare their income for the 2022 tax year online. According to aufeminin, the tax declaration of one in six French people is automatically prefilled. However, the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) does not have access to some of your data. It is therefore imperative that you fill them in yourself.

Not checking your tax return carefully can affect what you pay. Indeed, forgetting to declare part of your income can expose you to a tax adjustment. In case of delay, you will have to pay a lump sum compensation equivalent to 10% of the tax due.

Not paying attention to the different boxes on your tax return can also penalize you for next year: the 2022 return has an impact on your 2023 return, credits and tax reductions, remind our colleagues at Moneyvox.

Finally, not declaring your income correctly can distort the calculation of your reference tax income (RFR). However, depending on its level, you can claim devices such as the Pinel law, scholarships, exemption from housing tax, etc.

Discover in our slideshow below, the 13 boxes to absolutely check during your annual income tax return.