Notice to the 16.7 million retirees in France: your basic pension should increase shortly. When Emmanuel Macron was still a candidate for re-election, he promised an increase in retirement pensions in order to combat the loss of purchasing power caused by inflation, estimated at 5.2% in May. On June 7, 2022, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne returned to this commitment, confirming a 4% increase for all pensions from July.

Be careful, however: remember that the payment of pensions is subject to a one-month lag, the retirement pension from the general scheme for July will therefore be paid at the beginning of August. At the microphone of RTL, Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, Full Employment and Integration, declared: “We would like this indexation to inflation to be valid for pensions for the month of July. As part of the general scheme , the pension for the month of July is paid on August 9”.

Concretely, what does this 4% represent on your retirement pension? Planet does the math for you by offering to find out, on a case-by-case basis, how many more euros you will receive from next August. First, here is the amount of your future basic retirement pension if you receive less than 1,500 euros gross in 2021:

How much more will you receive if you currently have a pension of more than 1300 euros gross?

Here is the amount of your retirement pension in July 2022 if you currently receive more than 1300 euros gross:

Reminder: these figures relate to the amount of your basic pension, and do not take into account that of your supplementary pension. When will your supplementary pension be revalued?

As Le Journal du Net points out, the pension increase of July 1, 2022 does not concern the supplementary pension of private employees, “since it is managed by the social partners”. November 1 corresponds to the date of revaluation of these pensions, via the value of the Argic-Arrco retirement point. Last November, the point rose by 1%. The rate applied this year will be communicated in the fall. According to the specialized site, the rules for reassessing supplementary pensions “are calculated from the number of points acquired during the career, to which a value of the point is multiplied”.