Re-Start in Spain – Lionel Messi prepares for weird games


Re-Start in Spain – Lionel Messi is preparing to “strange” games prior to Thursday night rolls in Spain the Ball again. But the Re-Start will be special, says one who should know.0 KommentareAm Thursday evening, the Spanish League your play. Lionel Messi awaits a “strange” experience.Miguel Ruiz / FC Barcelona via APAuf only five members of the referee team, four ball boys, two security guards, two stadium employees and six paramedics of the Red cross the square next to the players. Also, the number of Association employees, and of journalists who are allowed into the stadium, is severely limited.In the first game on Thursday night (from 22 PM) is it the same for the city of Derby in Seville. The FC meets rival Betis. Fans in La Liga, the same as in the League or Super League, not to the stadium. In Spain, the motto is: mind games.Raul Caro/KEYSTONE1 / 3

A recommendation has Lionel Messi before the restart of the Spanish football League for his colleagues. Each player should prepare themselves mentally to the spirit of the games. The star striker of FC Barcelona is confident that the games will be in the empty stadiums in a very “strange”. But after almost three months of forced break, players and Fans look forward to the return of football in Corona-times will be a lot of things differently than in the past. The most serious is the absence of spectators.

But also in the small things, there will be harsh restrictions. Only shortly before the first game on Thursday evening – the Andalusian Derby between Betis and Sevilla FC were the Clubs on Wednesday, a 35-page list of safety measures to be taken against a Corona of infection. In it, La Liga, in front of what, when and after the Games, the first and the second League is allowed and what is not.

with The instructions, the Clubs must, at the latest, 48 hours before a League game to submit a list with the names of all employees who will be present at the stadium. Clubs should play because of the spacing rules to away in several buses to arrive. This mask is mandatory. In the case of air travel, the minimum distance should stand between the passengers two meters. At home, the players are prompted to play strongly, if possible, individually in their own cars to arrive.

Jersey change at halftime

The stages are divided into three zones, a total of to be in them, if possible, never more than 240 people at the same time. In addition to the players, only five members of the referee team, four ball boys, two security guards, two stadium employees and six paramedics of the Red cross must be on the court.

The behavior of the players during the encounter, such as the cheers and hugs or in Trouble and when you Spit, appealed to the League to reason. A handshake is prohibited everywhere. Pat on the back or even more after a goal, however, should not be sanctioned. Anyone who approaches a Referee in a dispute too much, but must face the consequences. At half-time the players need to be disinfected before going into the cabin the hands. In addition, a completely new Jersey must be tightened.

applause for the healthcare sector

applause but there will be, but not for in-game achievements, but always 30 seconds in the 20. Minute of a game for the employees of the health care system and other system-relevant professions, during the months-long Corona-crisis in Spain, with more than 27’000 dead every day, your life risk.

the press conferences to be held via video conference. The first planned extreme restriction of journalists has been relaxed: 14 photographers, six members of the written press, five radio reporters and four employees of television stations that don’t own broadcast rights, may be.

the chain of Infection by “video proof”

a player Should be tested positive for the Virus in Sars-CoV-2, he must immediately in-home insulation go. Through the analysis of video recordings, all players are to be identified with him longer than five minutes of contact. Also, you need to then test.

The FC Barcelona Superstar Messi has eleven games of the season two points ahead of Real Madrid. The Catalans will perform on Saturday at table 18. from Mallorca. Record champion Madrid will play on Sunday against Eibar.


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