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The League title consolidates the philosophy of Real Madrid, a structure that is based on a foundation of international players are veterans, who form “the corridor of safety” of a team that bases its success on the template. To the side of that main tree emerges a constellation of branches formed by young talents, the club captures with 18, 19 or 20 years old in order to submit them soon to the pressure generated by this equipment to operate its quality immediately.

The backbone of the integrated Courtois, Ramos, Casemiro, Benzema”, point out professionals of the entity. Your vera there are two annexes of footballers experienced, Varane and Carvajal. And the young branches of this tree tanning are called Vinicius, Valverde, Mendy, Rodrygo and Militao.

Ramos and Benzema do better with 34 and 32 years ago, thanks to its maturity and a perfect care of your training and your diet

Real Madrid want to shore up medium-term corridor of safety. One hundred thirteen million euros at the cost of Courtois, Ramos, Casemiro, Benzema. None exceeded individually the 35 millions of expenditure. As has been stated in this decade, in soccer not always wins the money.

if so, PSG and City would have been overwhelmed in Europe. The white set has won four Champions league without making a major investment from 2014.

The hall of security is the starting point of the League title”, underline in the house. A “victory” that is all a template”, the best of Spanish football with a difference, as the protagonists have shown in this race of speed of eleven games played every three days without respite that provided by “alternates that are not”, as highlighted by a professional of Valdebebas. But if a team does not have this “corridor”, will never win. And Florentino Perez has assured the future of the mast that holds all the team.

it Is important to highlight those four names because there is a fifth, Bale, who was destined to lead this corridor and is not part of it because he has never wanted to assume responsibilities, to the chagrin of the entity. The company proved it two years ago, when the farewell of a Christian left him free to be the leader of the group. is Benzema gave the step forward and picked up the witness. Bale, who complained of the reign of the Portuguese, it did not appear to ascend to the throne. Benzema led a team less star-studded, more collective, power of referee. Bale is unchecked everything..

Benzema, year-on-year

The assumption of responsibilities of Benzema showed a personality which was consolidated with performance in these last two seasons. The leading scorer of the squad, the Real Madrid player who most minutes he has played in this League, has been renewed until 2022. The 32-year-offers its best performance and has earned the extension of their agreement. I had a contract until the year that comes, and the entity has also added a campaign, that may be more if you get the moment of truth maintains this level. Today is valued at 65 million.

Courtois have an agreement until 2024, and their performance confirms the soundness of a move to cheap, 35 million euros, which was implemented two years ago, when prices were flying more than the porters, and any pair of gloves listed at 60 million . The belgian has established itself as one of the leaders of the team, and that’s saying a lot after what he suffered in his first stage.

Casemiro, the hottest

Casemiro, “the best centre-half in the world” they say his colleagues, is insured up to 2023, a renewal that took place a year ago. Its market value is 85 million euros, one of the most high, because their effectiveness is proven in any game system.

The dilemma of the last times was the future of Sergio Bouquets. And the leader of the Real Madrid has managed to fix it.

Ramos, now

“Sergio Ramos will play here until when you want to,” said Florentino Perez the night, which celebrated the thirty-fourth League from Real Madrid. ABC already announced that the captain, who just had his agreement the next season, extended his continuity for one more year, to 2022, which is the bar that the direction of the sport has in place for its great veterans. The high level of performance presented this season, based on a preparation physical copy, has allowed him to gain the credit of those who pay him to continue in the future for more than the time signed if your performance continues at this scale, making a dribble to the age.

real madrid captain is 34 years old and don’t seem. Sergio and Christian follow parallel paths, focused on extending his career to force a sacrifice commendable.

shored up the four banners of the mast madrid, the club will attack other subjects pending for the next course. The sports management team will begin to analyze calmly the situations Carvajal and Varane, two others relating to the eleven of the champion.

The side 28 years old, and its contractual relationship ends in 2022. The entity will consider in the coming months, with tranquility a possible extension of the agreement with the madrid, one or two campaigns more. Their efficiency in the right-hand side of the defence has meant that Achraf decides to leave. Odriozola had to leave on loan in January, and also gave options. Carvajal, today, there is no substitute for real on the campus.

Varane, the fifth horseman

Varane, who has become a leader at the end of nine campaigns in the home, only 27 years old and his contract expires in two seasons. Responsible for the direction of the sport will discuss an extension until 2024 as a minimum.

The French central it is in reality the fifth man the hall of security. Assumes that role when Ramos is not in the grass, as it has done in previous matches. He did it in front of the Alavs in an essential party to win the League. And will be the leader of the defence in the corridor of security of Manchester, on the 7th of August, in front of the City, as Ramos is penalized.

The Real Madrid is already assured before another branch important of the tree, Kroos, who signed up to 2023. It is another footballer who is very important of the schema. It is the sixth part of the spine. Is patented. Will retire at the Bernabeu.