voters, members and officials of a party are not always of the same opinion. This experience, for example, makes the SPD, which is sometimes accused of making a policy for left-wing officials, but not for the steel workers in the Ruhr region with very different, more conservative point of view. Also, the CDU has moved weeks behind, the longing for Friedrich Merz, appeared as the Chairman, and a change of course among the members and officials to be greater than among the voters.

Justus Bender

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z. Twitter

In this situation, the Chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus belongs, not to the Rufern to an ideological shift of his party. “We need to think our policy of the middle,” said brink house on Thursday during a visit to the editorial Board of the F. A. Z.. “That is to say, we need to focus more on the one that is going to work every day, their children to and from school in the afternoon, maybe still a voluntary exercise. These people feel not enough attention.“ With the introduction of the Baukindergelds brinkhaus gives an example for a policy that helps these people.

demands for a right-wing conservative course of the CDU have been in the past few years, often to refugee policy. Especially in front of the state Parliament elections in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia, where the influx of migrants critical is seen, reconsider some of the politicians their positions. A strategy of the CDU-choice of fighters, full of concern on the survey, values of other parties, such as the AfD, shows, rejects, brinkhaus. “The choice we have to make our thing to fight in this year. We will not look at others, but try to convince the people of the us.“

In the case of the German Brinkhaus sees no need for foreclosure, but the will to differentiate. “The people know that in the next decades, refugees from war-torn areas and to come because of political persecution to us,” he said. “What you accept, is an immigration into the social systems. What you will not accept, is that returns do not work when people are acting as they should.“