Protests against police violence – President in the shelter actually, Donald Trump wanted to leave at the weekend for a successful rocket launch to celebrate. But now, people against police violence protest in the whole country. And the President’s sense of compassion little.0 comment a triumphant return looks different: Trump on Sunday in front of the White house. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Keystone

It is likely a restless night for US President Donald Trump may have been. The mayor of Washington, D.C., has imposed for the late night hours of curfew. Close to the White house, hundreds of protesters have yet again your anger out screaming. The police used tear gas as the protesters started a fire. On Saturday, there were protests. On Friday, the thing was the employees of the Secret Service not so tough that you have brought Trump into a protective bunker beneath the White house, reported the New York Times.

Trump up in a shelter. Not exactly a sign of strength. More of a sign of how unprepared the White house to the protests. He wanted to celebrate at the weekend, especially his great victory on the field of space travel.

As a Trump on Saturday in a Hangar at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida came on the scene, blaring a familiar song coming from the speakers. “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. A song, so by and by Patriotic, as it was written by Greenwood directly on a U.S. flag. The Song is accompanied Trumps appearances on almost all his campaign rallies for 2016. And as a re-election, this speech is staged. With the difference that in front of him, no Fans to sit. But employees of the Nasa. Genuine Pro-Trump-mood not like to pay there.

Trump had observed previously from the roof of a Nasa building for the historic launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket with two astronauts on Board. For the first time in nine years of manned space flight from U.S. soil from started again. And for the first time ever, the transport device has been developed by a private company and built. Tesla founder and Trump friend Elon Musk has done with his company Space X is possible.

US President Donald Trump is watching the launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket.Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

A day of triumph so. And thus an event, the want to miss Trump it in any case. On Wednesday, he was there, the weather had to be postponed due to the. Due to such uncertainties and the high risk of accident have remained in the past, the President, usually in Washington, in Florida, when the Countdown began. Trump need a bit of sparkle.

Because there is not much else Positive from the United States to report. The country is buffeted by the Corona pandemic. Over 100’000 Deaths, nearly 1.8 million registered Infected. A day will always be counted over 20’000 new cases. Economically, the country experienced a brutal crash. Over 40 million ananträge on unemployment assistance have been made since the beginning of the pandemic. Trump says that he wanted to come, therefore, to Florida. To spread a little Confidence.

To the alleged murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis but is now. A police officer had knelt on last Monday, more than eight minutes on the neck of the African American. In the hospital and could later be found to be dead.

the police station is in flames – it was the Dead

the Video of the act has shaken the Nation. Across the country protesters take to the streets. Started in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Portland, Washington, D. C. – in at least 75 cities, the people took to the street. They protest against the blatant injustice of the violence of white police officers against black citizens. As the Virus-pandemic, black Americans are disproportionately affected by police violence. An expression of systemic racism in the United States.

In many cities are also handled in the Monday night protests in violence. Cars were torched, shops looted. In Minneapolis a police station in the night of Friday, up in flames. In some places, shots fired. There have been Deaths. In several States the national guard is in use.

After the death of a Black man during a police operation in Minneapolis, the Situation escalated.Video: Tamedia

Responsive will lock with the output. And often with brutal hardness. In New York, several police officers have one of the protesters – it is not different say – brutally beaten, because he was resisting arrest.

Trump is dedicated to on Saturday, the protests, after all, nine minutes of his speech time. He reads lines of compassion and understanding for the family of George Floyd and the millions of angry people as robots from the outside such as a Speech from the Teleprompter. Then, however, his tone of voice tilts. He would not allow the Mob takes over the streets, he threatens. Then he makes the Antifa and the “radical Left” responsible for the violence escalated. He sounds just as inflammatory as his campaign appearances, he had to suspend since March and he missed so painfully. Acclaimed by his followers, he has fueled energy.

The situation in the US is vaguely reminiscent of the times of the lunar landing

In Florida, he’s doing everything to sell the success of the Space X program as his. Already, President George W. Bush has set the privatization of space travel in the corridor. And under President Obama, the contracts for manned space flights on a commercial carrier systems have been signed. Trump writes the history. Three years ago, the American space travel was virtually dead, he says. He had brought her back to life. And now you are here and US Americans start again from U.S. soil in the sky.

This is all vaguely reminiscent of the first moon landing with Apollo 11 on 24. July 1969. In Vietnam, the United States has bogged down in a war they could not win. And in the domestic social problems grew. A fifth of the population lived in poverty, without adequate health care, without enough food. Meanwhile, the space program, huge amounts of money. On the evening before Apollo 11 took off, confronted civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy, along with 500 Companion Nasa-Responsible and said: “I am here to demonstrate together with poor people symbolically against the tragic and inexcusable gap between American technological prowess and our social injustices.” A forgotten Moment. The successful landing on the moon has been very distracted successfully from all these problems.

Such an influence of the Start-up of the Crew Dragon will not have a capsule. Space travel has become an everyday business. Even if Trump is trying to interpret the Start as proof of American resilience. “We are reminded that America has always mastered great challenges,” he says. “The same spirit of American determination, of sending our people into space”, will also defeat the pandemic. Thorsten Denkler, Falmouth

now it has to get the Virus.

A President without empathy

The protests can’t stop Trumps appearance. The continue unabated. And Trump has more and more proportion.

On Sunday he has let the public look. His advisers had suggested to him, to show, in a television speech, once again, compassion for the victims. Probably because the speech after the rocket launch, at least the first part was not recorded so fully, as they had wished. Trump refused, apparently.

On Twitter, he then put each of the alleged compassion that had him written by his advisors on the previous day to the manuscript. He ranted in a well-known manner against the media, against the “anarchists” on the streets, against a democratic mayor, not acting in allegedly hard enough against the protesters. He praised himself for the use of the national guard in Minneapolis, which has actually been the democratic Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, is activated. And in between, he announced that the Antifa-groups, dedicated to the fight against fascism, as a terrorist group belonging. Over 400’000 Americans have sacrificed in the second world war, their lives in the struggle against fascism.

Trump but law and order demanded””. And a recipe from 2016, is trying to re-touch that brought him back to the White house. The many peaceful protests, he ignored. And gives all the as a “radical Left” over a ridge. The reasons for the Protest, for the years of pent-up anger, calls not he. And pour this Oil into the fire.

As a loyal party-goers in the understanding: “without question, no constructive Tweets,” said Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, in an Interview with the strictly conservative channel Fox News. He is the only black Republican in the Senate, and Trump supporters. The democratic mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, said on CNN: “He should just stop talking.” There were times, “in which you wish to just be calm’d, and I, he would just be quiet.” And the Republican Governor of Maryland said on the same station on Trump: “It’s not lowers the temperature. It is the rhetoric escalates further.” This is exactly the opposite of the message that should come from the White house.

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