Plush animal on Board – Why have a plush Dino by the Spacex capsule floats some TV viewers fell at the Start of the Falcon-9 rocket, something Strange. The object is for the astronauts of Use and also has an emotional meaning.0 comment Eder little toy Dino was selected by the sons of the astronauts chosen.Video: Tamedia

The Start of a manned Mission into space is a technical matter. Thousands of instruments and Computer help to bring a rocket with a space capsule and two astronauts on Board safely in the space. The astonishment in some of the TV viewers were, as of about ten minutes after the Start of the Spacex rocket in Florida, suddenly a purple sparkly plush dinosaur through the capsule of the two American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley floated.

Who now thinks that the dinosaur is just a good luck charm, is wrong. The plush animal has a very practical Benefit: It shows the astronauts that they have reached the weightlessness of space. A simpler indication, there is not simple.

Dino-enthusiastic sons

the plush animal of the sons of the two astronauts was Selected. “We have searched all of the Dinos in our homes and Tremor of the Apatosaurus was chosen by our boys chosen to fly today with us,” said Bob Behnken on a Tour through the capsule after their arrival on the ISS.

the two astronauts are continuing a long Tradition. In almost all manned flights by the Russians and Americans, small toy figures are on Board. The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst took place in the year 2018, about the famous mouse from the TV children’s show in the Soyuz capsule that brought him to the ISS.

in The current flight, the Spacex capsule, it didn’t take long for enterprising users of the Internet found that of the dinosaurs by the US toy Manufacturer TY Flippable comes. That Spacex founder Elon Musk is a good business man, showed up shortly thereafter. Also in the Spacex-Online-Store Plüschdino was soon available for US $ 25. He was sold out in no time.


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