The way B2B companies are building relationships with vendors, retailers and manufacturers in the 2020’s is changing. Today, your clients expect a personalized, seamless experience, teeming with benefits. So how can you and your business deliver to such varying expectations, while maximizing sales? Pepperi has the solutions for a comprehensive approach to this challenge.

The promotion strategy definition paradigm has shifted, and Pepperi’s Omnichannel B2B Sales Platform is the solution. It’s a cutting-edge hybrid of sales force automation and B2B e-commerce, emphasizing on brands, distributors, and retailers. This unique cloud platform facilitates a more intelligent, faster, and higher volume sales approach, allowing for easy adaptation to market dynamics.

Promotion strategy definition? Get acquainted with Pepperi!

The Pepperi platform is an intuitive, all-purpose unified solution to all your business’s B2B sales requirements and the promotion strategy definition you want to align to. Its easy-to-use, field and online B2B sales, facilitating universal planning and delivery over all channels in your sales operations.

Pepperi’s promotion strategy definition is to sell smarter in a beautiful and simple way, and this software lets sales reps connect to your customers’ comprehensive account information. This grants your reps in the field the ability to sell through data, trade promotions and any other metric they require, allowing them to make intelligent, real-time decisions.

The Pepperi Order Taking App provides a method for your case field reps, to possess an all-encompassing solution in the palm of their hands.

Pepperi takes care of the needs of your reps with its insightful Retail Execution software, negating many of the challenges of a retail audit. This auditing software tool easy-to-use, powerful tool to eliminate stock-outs,validate compliance and help managing assets – giving manufacturers, vendors and retailers the edge of an immensely improved B2B ecommerce experience.

The Pepperi B2B e-commerce solution puts the impetus back in the hands of the most important factor to your business, the customer. Your clients will have round the clock access to your products via your e-commerce portal or app. additionally, they can enjoy an intuitive, personalized experience, replete with their own catalog, pricing, discounts, and access to order history. The promotion strategy definition can be enhanced by allowing the consolidation of omnichannel sales on one platform.

Pepperi’s Omnichannel Trade Promotions is the key software tool for focusing your promotion strategy definition. This tool allows you to increase your customers’ orders and gross margin, even guiding them to the products you want them to buy. Configuring promotions can be easily applied and then sent directly to all the key sales personnel within your company, as well as your B2B eCommerce customer. Itemed trade promotions can be incentivized by implementing discounts, free units, or even discounted shipping. Pepperi’s omnichannel approach even provides the tools to launch your own email campaigns.

B2B experts in the industry are quickly recognizing the value of Pepperi’s B2B promotion strategy suite, and what it could mean to a variety of businesses. From mobile CRMs to eCommerce solutions, Pepperi’s line of products are fast becoming an invaluable tool for B2B businesses.