The case of the swindlers unmasked, the former “Spiegel”editor-in-Claas Relotius shaken not only the “mirror”, but also the Jury of the German report price. She had Relotius in December, shortly before he blew up, for his Text, “A children’s game” award. He won the award for the fourth Time – for a story about a thirteen-year-old who believes that he had dispatched by a against the powers-that-Assad-oriented Graffito in the war in Syria. The dramaturgical concept of the text, this is the exam of the “mirror” a few days ago, showed it was “fiction”. All four of his report prices has returned Claas Relotius now.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

F. A. Z.

“We are shocked, we are disappointed, we are angry and, Yes, we are ashamed that we have gone this scammers on the glue” that informs the Jury of the report price. Among her Cigdem Akyol, Nikolaus Brender, Rainer Hank, Tina Hildebrandt, Friedrich Küppersbusch, Ines Pohl, Doreen Reinhard, Evelyn Roll, Regine Sylvester and Diana Zinkler, as a Moderator acted Ariel Hauptmeier. The Declaration of the judges for miscarriage of justice: The documentary was “gripping”,” says Cigdem Akyol, the Details of the tracks correctly, “an important story, very well told”. It was assumed that “complete stories” made it into the “mirror”. The majority of the Jury, reminded the former ZDF editor in chief Nikolaus Brender, had been “impressed by the stylistic brilliance of the author”. As a “prize-worthy” I told appeared, Rainer Hank, longtime head of the economic editorial office of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper, “the way”, “how awesome” Relotius. The “relevance of the topic and the density of the narrative” had been convinced, says Ines Pohl, editor-in-chief of the German wave.