Press conference of the football League of “Swiss football is well-informed healthier than he is shown”The SFL on the continuation of the championship. In addition, it was also decided on a change in the mode. The media conference delivery.Fabian Sangines3 Kommentare3LIVE TICKER ended at the end of

So, that was it from the media conference. Thank you for reading our blog, and a pleasant Whitsun week-end. The main points of what was discussed, click here.


shepherd: “The Clubs have decided that the licences be renewed for the seasons 19/20 a season.”


11./12. September is likely to begin the season 20/21 again, except on the match date at the beginning of September will be waived. Logically, the winter break is shortened because of 2021 takes place in the EM.


The President of the League hopes once again that no complaints are filed: “A democratic decision should be accepted.”

is Again to the Finance

schifferle: “The Swiss football healthier, as he is the country shown the opposite effect.” He was confident that the League would emerge stronger from this Situation out.

Why not test Swiss Clubs so often?

Claudius Schäfer said: “The BAG said to us, you get the Tests.” Expenses and income not voice. And: “A negative Test provides a false sense of security.”

Federal loans

The League work as a Declaration of intent to formulate certain passages better. “Of course not, it may be that a Challenge must adhere to League Club that needs a little of this emergency loan for FC Basel.” Previously it was said that the Clubs that need the emergency credit, you must reduce your total wage bill by 20 percent. This joint and several liability caused irritation.


“Our Clubs work very seriously, and this is certain to have used something.” (The financial situation of the club)

the Clubs have to Die?

Schifferle believes now that the Clubs have the Situation under control. It is possible that starting in September, with viewers allowed to play, in addition to the loans from the Federal government, the help will also be there. And: “That we may, in part, lead to short-time work, would also be a great help.” Schifferle and the shepherds believe, as you emphasize.


when the Barrage, the European Cup qualification games and Cup will be held, is still unclear, says Schäfer.

speed work

Apparently players are no longer entitled to short-time work compensation as soon as the Training was taken. But: “Together with specialists, we will submit an objection.”

q & a

Now the q


the player, whose contract was conditions due to Covid-resolved 19, begins may not be qualified. This means that The of Constantin redundant footballers allowed to play for a League rival. Or in other words: The Sion committed Serey-The, whose contract at the 31. May be run at Xamax, and may not play. Xamax can but the of Sion out of the thrown football against Sion play. So it looks, at least, says Schäfer.

mind games?

Not quite, as Claudius Schäfer said: “In the Super League are allowed to up to 250 people in attendance. The Clubs need to consider whether you want to allow very limited audience.”

part of the game plan

On the 18. June begins the Challenge League, on 2. August should be completed in all of the games. Except the Cup, which is scheduled for the time after that: “however, This is not difficult, because Uefa know whether and when you can run your competitions.”


“We have paved our protection concept is the way for all sports that it can go further.”


“We state for the past three months in an exception. Our Clubs have been hit with full force.”


Now, the CEO speaks: “I am pleased with the two Decisions.”


The President of the League hopes that no lawsuits to be filed: “I assume, but I’m not several times of something expected.”


Again: It had been objectively discussed. “That’s what I appreciated.”

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