On the road with Patti Smith


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Patti Smith (Chicago, 1946) no one can deny that form part of the elite, most photogenic and photographed the counter-culture american , whose cards and faces are intermingled with those of singers, artists, actors… people in the malvivir in general. Add that it was the friend of the soul of Robert Mapplethorpe and the inhabitants of the new yorker Hotel Chelsea (now in ruin and abandonment) are already gallons that give to much to tell, and fabric cut. If we sumanos that leads stitched the star of a certain malditismo, from the punk of his band of music and the intelligentsia letraherida of the european culture, for what we want more.

By that, because they have a thousand and one experiences -anecdotes, dramas, and other troubles – that kick, Patti Smith takes unravelled his life and work from a few years ago in a series of books of memories (specifically, three). In its many pages, written as if from an angel (and not hell) is involved, uncovers all his adventures: those days of love and roses with thorns (“we Were children”, which won the National Book Award in the united States) and now, a woman of seventy-three years not to give around the world in search of everything and nothing . The absolute.

Unblocks all his adventures: those days of love and roses with thorns and now, a woman of seventy-three years not to spin for the l world

at The place, to feel at peace with myself and with those around him and who admires up to the death bed. In that go and come, Spain is one of the havens most visited by the singer and american writer. Poetic recitals in the home of the Lorca in Granada, spain (Huerta de San Vicente), concerts, photographic exhibitions… Patti Smith is immeasurable, and seems to have found among us a public more than grateful, that welcomes you and wraps his skeletal figure and heart-rending voice.

Before we get to The year of the monkey, that is now in Spain and that was published late last year in the united States, in the middle of the road, and as the second title of these memories fragmented is M Train . For my taste, the least round of all his books of memories, where regodea, among other “tics” in your coffee addiction and the series police . Returning to the year of The monkey we are dealing with and that makes specific reference to the chinese calendar, with its symbols and symbologies so particular, Patti Smith is more on the road than ever before, the north american west coast, from San Francisco to San Diego. With stops in New York and travel to Ghent to bask in front of The mystic lamb of the brothers Van Eyck newly restored and “sucked” by the masses of tourists, those that the pandemic has been swept away (as this book is also written in the road of life and its events more recent, it has a few afterwords on which to filter the coronavirus and Donald Trump ).

From concert to concert and from motel to motel, recounts the last days of the producer and music writer Sandy Pearlman, who was the one who suggested him in their younger days to create a rock band. And degenerative disease (ALS) of the playwright (and occasional actor) Sam Shepard. With this latest, go to time and time again, texts and notes. And also, it recreates again and again in one of his constant literary of recent times, the work of Roberto Bolaño. His hand travels to Spain and in his hand Patti Smith always carries a camera which takes black and white photos here and there. A collection of them separate the different chapters of the year of The monkey, which refers to the one disc of Frank Zappa-Hots Rats (1969), and the years of the Chelsea Hotel with the shadow elongated Mapplethorpe.