On crutches to Kilimanjaro: It is a leg is still there – and a lot can be right


    what was it Like when you are six and a half hours of marching had overcome in August 2018, according to through the night the last stage to the summit of mount Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters?

    On the last meters it was as if my entire 31 life would result in years passing me by. At the top of the summit I was shown a symbol for the first time all the finger who doubted me. But the Biggest was, of course, the feeling to stand up there. To have its own power made what seemed to be to create until recently. I have been crying up like a baby and could only say one sentence: I did it.

    you are suffering from eight years old to bone cancer and lost a leg. How much amazement you have triggered on the Kilimanjaro?

    The descent from the summit, we noticed that the mountain has quickly made the rounds, it has managed to do the one-legged, one has seen the whole week, actually. Me have congratulated countless people, there was dancing and singing – I cried again snot and water. It was super emotional. And the descent was pretty exhausting, because we went from 5800 meters, directly down to 3600 meters.

    the pace at which they were traveling? As soon as the tourists of the other expeditions?

    Yes, even a bit faster. Because my steps with the crutches are about ten inches longer, as if I had two legs. Therefore, Pole Pole, I was constantly called after: “!”

    What does that mean?

    Slowly, slowly. You have to conquer the Kilimanjaro slowly, to acclimatise properly. Unfortunately, my friend and companion Claus Siegler is – he has me, been treated as a doctor at the time of the Frankfurt children’s cancer ward – from the altitude sickness caught. He could not climb up with.

    where does the nickname Strong Goat, the you have on the go, and the documentary made about their Expedition, is named?

    I get only on the fourth day of the climb missed, as we reached the famous “Breakfast Wall”. This is a steep wall, which you have to clamber up a piece down and then up. Since I gave the crutches a Guide, and I’m on all three. The companions had seen before, that I’m persevering and not rumflenne on Steep sections. But the “Breakfast Wall” they believed I would fail. As we have overtaken in the wall of the other groups, gave rise to the nickname: Mbuzi Dume, which in Swahili means in the form of strong goat.

    there Were moments of doubt in which you wanted to cancel the project?

    Yes. Felt it was most of the time like a wonderful class trip that is really in the mood. In the night of the summit, rise to the Moment, where I said no more, however: “I can, I give up.” In the morning at half past four Mr want to minus ten degrees and icy winds of 70 miles an hour, our pitchers of drinks were frozen.

    I could no longer feel, in spite of the best equipment in my fingers, hands have literally made limp, I had severe pain in both arms. As I got me just sat down to think. The Guides have been told to me, but had to realize that I had the better arguments. Then they started to sing. And that was such an encouragement to me that I said to myself: “Now I am come so far, then I want it to be decent.”

    it Is a fighter or is the fighter with the story of a life?