The man who has taken in a sports hall in North Rhine-Westphalia 43 children and two caregivers hostage, is already the end of December, in the point of view of the police. According to a spokesperson from Tuesday, the authorities had instructed the 25-Year-old by the end of 2018, according to a suicide notice for self-protection in psychiatry. There, the man threatened, according to police information, with a bomb. Then searched the officials of the man-occupied hotel rooms in the münsterland region, found only commercially available new year’s eve fireworks.

The 25-Year-old was held on Monday evening in a sports hall in Lengerich, in the Northern part of the münsterland, the children and young people and two supervisors for about an hour, and threatened. The motive for the hostage-taking, the investigation continues. The investigators also Point to a possible mental illness of the man. The alleged perpetrator had threatened the hostage-taking once again, with a bomb.

The hostage-takers had provided some out of context claims, it said. After that he let the children first between 12 and 18 years of age. A little later, the two 23-year-old carers were able to leave the hall unharmed. The victims were temporarily being cared for by police in a neighboring hardware store. The 25-Year-old was overwhelmed by the special forces and arrested. After the end of the hostage-taking by police officers with explosive-seeking dogs in the hall, but they found nothing Suspicious. A gun is not have worn the man.