More bans threatened: Only a few diesel drivers to swap cars


    The premiums in Germany’s car companies offer for the conversion of older diesel vehicles, show a report in the newspaper, according to little effect. Since the autumn of last year, only 27,000 diesel drivers have changed their car for a new vehicle, reported der Spiegel on Saturday, citing Figures from the Federal Ministry of transport. It is going to continue at this pace, will miss the action of its target.

    if you add up the Numbers, would only be a few hundred thousand cars exchanged. The calculations of the Ministry, but should be up to the summer of next year, 1.5 million diesel cars converted, so that the air in the cities is better and driving bans can be prevented, the report says. In the autumn of Daimler, VW and BMW had awarded the premiums, in order to move customers in the driving ban affected cities to exchange their cars.

    exchange premiums in Germany

    VW extended the premium a few days ago, temporarily, to the whole of Germany. Car buyers can get until the end of April a discount when you trade-in an old Diesel.

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