A family well known to the French. Since 2015, Michèle Bernier has played The Trainee on screen in the France 3 series. A significant role for the actress popular with the public, who plays the character of Constance Meyer

However, nothing predestined the daughter of the famous professor Choron and Odile Vaudelle to a career in comedy. With the magazine Télé 7 Jours, Michèle Bernier had fun imagining the reaction of her father (who died in 2005) in the shoes of an examining magistrate. “I think it would have amused him, especially since he dreamed of me being a lawyer, probably because of all the trials he had in his life!” Without inheriting the provocative tone of the famous designer for Hara-Kiri, the actress can boast of having drawn from her talent.

Blossoming in her acting career, Michèle Bernier is also a happy mother. From her relationship with Bruno Gaccio, who shared her life for fifteen years, her daughter Charlotte (born in 1987) followed her vocation as an actress (Sam, Tomorrow belongs to us…) while her son Enzo (born in 1997) lives peacefully away from the spotlight. “Charlotte is a hit in the daily series. She’s a wonderful actress”, she welcomed in Vivement Dimanche, last May on France 2.

Like La Stagiaire de France 3, Michèle Bernier saw her life turned upside down with the arrival of her grandchildren. “Constance is the grandmother of a little boy, Tony, and my daughter gave birth to twins in 2017. Becoming a grandmother also gave me a boost. want to take advantage of my grandchildren as best and as long as possible, by being a happy granny”, she confided to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours.

A sexagenarian more fulfilled than ever who does not hesitate to share some pictures of her loved ones and her family on social networks. Discover the incredible clan of Michèle Bernier in pictures in our slideshow.