On January 4, 2016, the monster of French cinema Michel Galabru died at the age of 93. The mythical comedian of Flic ou Voyou died in his sleep, as Franceinfo revealed at the time. The last year of his life, the successful comedian had also confided in his death, saying that she was no longer “very far”.

In the columns of Liberation, Michel Galabru had then affirmed: “Life is beginning to no longer interest me”, he had declared and added: “A bit like for the rest, I who am only a lamentable inclination , able to spend hours daydreaming or meditating, sitting idly by, always putting things off until the last moment”. The husband of Claude Galabru had also had some amazing thoughts: “I have also thought a few times of removing myself, only giving it up for lack of courage”.

During an interview with Le Figaro, Michel Galabru had mentioned his “little retirement as a civil servant”, previously mentioned at the microphone of RTL. “I get €2,500 a month, something like that. And I always have expenses, especially my grandchildren. I paid for everything for my kids, their studies, their weddings,” he explained.

Rediscover in pictures, his funeral followed by many personalities.