It is difficult to find a reasonable price to force it to get the medicine for the sick baby’s Future. “The price seems to have accepted it,” said the minister of Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), Sunday is The ‘Seventh day’ is to be one. “We are no longer to be relevant.”

the Secretary for The pre-sheaf Sunday morning, on the table, “The Seventh day” in order to discuss the cost of medicines and drugs. It should come as no surprise that the cost of the drug Zolgensma for the baby’s Movements quickly, in the event it came out.

It cost € 1.9 million, while in Belgium that’s not even on the market. However, according to the minister of The Block, it will be hard to get down. “The price seems to have accepted it, because they’re being paid for it. And now we have to negotiate with the same company.”

It weakens the position of the Belgian government, gives to The Block in the toe. “We’re just not relevant to say that this is not acceptable. That is, we will not be able to bear it. It was no longer relevant in view of the fact that the price is acceptable,” says Block. “The money is a generous and warm heart to him. The only question is how much of Pia’s we can still do it.”

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Petra De Sutter, who is the Green in the European parliament, shows that there is in this respect that it is important to set the price of medicines as low as possible. “And let’s not forget that the budget allocated for drugs in our country is limited. That there is becoming increasingly expensive drugs to get. So, we will be forced to make some choices. Therefore, the lower the price can be, the better.”

Allergic reactions

the Release of the political debate about the cost of the drug, it was the professor Guy, and Hans, from the university hospital of Antwerp, is less good news for the baby Movements. It is not certain that they are of the drug and also you will be able to get it. “At the moment we are waiting for a special screeningskit it, ‘ explains professor Hans. “If there is, then there will be a blood test done. Then one has to determine whether or not there are any contra-indications for gene therapy. We need to check whether it is in the blood of a Pia is not. seated against the hub. If there are antibodies present, it would be very, very damaging consequences, as the treatment would start. That would have been a severe allergic reaction can be provoked.”
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