Your children’s birthday, your favorite number or even a combination checked at random: everyone has their own way of filling out their Lotto grid. While some prefer to rely on their lucky numbers, others like to strategize to maximize their chances of hitting the jackpot. If the Française des Jeux reminds that there is “as much chance of winning with any grid”, with 19,068,840 different possible combinations, you may however be tempted to know the figures that come out the most in order to make your predictions.

If all the balls came out several times between November 4, 2019 and May 27, 2020, we still note the recurrence of six of them. Here are the ones that were drawn the most often:

What about lucky numbers? Here are those that were drawn most often over this same period:

Conversely, some numbers are drawn much less often than others. Here are the balls that are at the very bottom of the leaderboard:

Regarding the lucky numbers, here are the rarest:

It’s up to you to compose your grids by using your imagination!