The local police on Tuesday inside a home in Péruwelz (Hainaut), was the lifeless body of a man in his fifties has been encountered. The guy was already a month is dead. All that time, aunt in addition to the body of life.

It was the daughter of Jean Detournay, who have the police called. She didn’t have any more contact with her father, but she was worried because she saw that there were spider webs on the door of her father’s house in the rue de Cerfontaine did not. If the door is not open yet.

When the police aanbelde, the aunt of the man in his fifties opened the door. An elderly lady, who was a very confusing impression to the left, and uitdrogingsverschijnselen to be seen. Once inside, noticed that the cops have a very unpleasant smell on. The house was a single dump. In one of the rooms, it was the dead body found of a man, it is more than likely that Jean Detournay. The man, who was born in 1961, it was already a month is dead, and his body was in a significant state of decomposition. The woman had all the time in his body before.

As a natural death, then there will be no autopsy, be performed.