The spatial and intellectual Narrowness in the small town of Kalinov is immediately noticeable: Eagerly the protagonist of the Opera “Kátja Kabanová looks” from the window of her small cottage. The Vastness of the landscape on the banks of the Volga river is not only in their perception of a Mirage, but soon also for the spectators in the state theatre Mainz only as a beautiful scenes of the painting are recognizable. Because the stage Director Lydia Steier, who has worked on your 2012 at the Oldenburg state theatre, the resulting staging is now in Mainz a new, told Leoš janáček’s Opera in the superficially realistic, but also internal operations, illustrates stage image from Flurin Borg Madsen from the perspective of the title character. Is located everything is realistic in the 19th century. Century, in Russia, or at least on the Eastern European, orthodox embossed area, such as the clothes and Costumes (costumes: Ursula Kudrna).

Guido Holze

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

the fate of the title character thus becomes a plant, and in the intense representation of an ensemble member Nadja Stefanoff in the focus. Velvet and her husband Tikhon (role-opaque: Alexander Spemann) is bullied by his mother, the old Kabanicha, violent, what Gundula Hintz with a dominant Occurrence and the Janáček intended’s nagging tone of voice as a true matron. Sent to the staging of the shows that Kátja is quite aware that they should be pressed by the Kabanicha in an old-fashioned image of women: unpaid, obedient, virtuous, standardized, such as a doll. A dumb child-Double Kátjas, which corresponds in appearance to the dolls, the workers under the thumb of the Kabanicha factory finished – a motive, by the way, returned recently in a very similar Steiers staging of Tchaikovsky’s one-act Opera “Iolanta” at the Frankfurt Opera.

Realistic images are turning to surrealist apparitions

That Kátja in the absence of your husband the more genteel and educated in Moscow, Boris (acting aptly, in the Premiere, but with constricted Tenor Steven Ebel), as well as the attempt to escape is understandable. An additional component brings about Steier in the love triangle by showing that the old Kabanicha has a relationship with the merchant Dikoj (with an impressive Bass: Derrick Ballard), the uncle of Boris, and how many other bigoted villagers their desires hung in the darkness with the blessing of the Priest. In Kátjas confession of your misstep, your actual Offense is from their point of view perhaps, and musically, culminating in everything.

Nadja Stefanoff after signed also vocally Kátjas development: from the soft, sentimental tone of the Beginning of the dramatic power and despair before her suicide. The realistic images to co-operate in surrealistic appearances of your Interior: The choir singers will be moving around in the same costume as you, like Zombie-Doubles of her self, or how the revived dolls of the manufacture. The whole idyllic small town and stage dizziness flies on at the end.