On the German stock market today are technology stocks. The technology Index Tec-Dax increased 1.3 percent and is trading at 2626 points to the highest level since the beginning of December. The F. A. Z.-Index, by contrast, has only increased at half of its height.

At the top of the Tec-Dax‘ Chip-stock, all the manufacturers of so-called Wafer, Siltronic, and the plant manufacturers Aixtron with a Plus of more than 7 percent. But, the share prices of Infineon and Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor to lay significantly.

reason, the results presented by foreign sectors-companies such as Lam Research, SK Hynix, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, or Xilinx. The course of papers of the ST Micro about rose on the Euronext of 10 percent to the highest level since the beginning of December.

analysts praised the results for the final quarter, but a little disappointed of the signals for the first quarter. The boss of the group asked the investors but from the second quarter of stronger growth.

SILTRONIC AG NA O. N. — — (–) Xetra tradegate Switzerland OTCLang & Schwarz, Stuttgart, London SE Int. Level 1FrankfurtWienSchweiz 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

The price of Xilinx stock rises premarket to 11 percent. The chip manufacturer has surprisingly released good quarterly figures and also a optimistic Outlook. The semiconductor equipment supplier Lam Research had achieved in its second fiscal quarter on revenue of 2.52 billion dollars, adjusted earnings of 3.87 dollars. Analysts had estimated sales to 2.44 billion dollars, and adjusted earnings per share to 3.66 dollars. The stock price rises by 7 percent.

Whether the German Chip will be able to meet share expectations, and will show until February. Siltronic posted on 31. January, his business , Infineon figures, at the 5. February and Aixtron on 26. February. On Thursday, investors will look again critically at the Numbers from Intel. As long as there are no negative Surprises, could go to the Chip-Rally for a few days.

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