A very emotional Jacky Lafon has a Thursday evening in the program ” Girl from the late night, testified on the severe family violence during her childhood. “I’ve got a lot of beatings received from my father,” she said, when she was lying in bed with a co-presenter, James Cooke.

her mother and sisters) have shared quite often in the play. “I’ve always been afraid of my father. He does things with his kids, which is actually not very good to talk to fall out, so bad that I was glad to hear that he was dead,” said Lafon, with tears in his eyes to Score.

According to the actor – known for her role of zatte-Rita-in of the VTM-soap Familie, the domestic violence in her life is drawn, and it is, therefore, as uncertain as in life. So for me to criticize, so hard to dress up.”

a Tribute to Jacky Lafon.

at Lafon, it was part of the programme agreed with thanks for her many humanitarian work. All of the guests to sing along, “Thank you, dear Angel, you are our hero”, while an actress and her tears to flow freely showed it.

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