king Abdullah II of Jordan seems to want to dissolve parts of the 1994 closed Jordanian-Israeli peace Treaty. Specifically, two since 1994, Israel handed over areas to fall back to Jordan, as local media reports. The existing contract for the areas in question runs on 25. October.

king Abdullah shared with Israel, according to Reports on Sunday, to extend the contract for the acres of areas of Naharayim (Arabic: Al-Bakura) to the South of the lake of Galilee, and Zofar (Al-Ghamr) to the South of the dead sea: “are you the Jordanian country, and Jordan will remain.”

In a Supplement to the agreement it was stipulated that Israel can make use of the areas. The agreement was for a period of 25 years and should be extended automatically if none of the two parties were to terminate you. Bakura is located in the North-West of Jordan, in the province of Irdib, Ghumar in the southern province of Aqaba.

the Background of the decision is therefore of continuing domestic political pressure, the areas under full Jordanian sovereignty. On Friday, demonstrators in Amman called to terminate the whole Treaty of peace.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, according to Israeli media reports, to negotiate with Abdullah II on a further extension of the lease. At the same time, he stressed the importance of the peace treaties of Israel with Egypt and Jordan as the “anchor of regional stability”.