The creation of EuroMillions is quite recent. Indeed, this European lottery was launched in 2004. La Française des Jeux, a public limited company for gambling in France, is at the origin of this lottery. Initially, only the French, Spanish and British lottery participated in the creation of EuroMillions. The concept is simple. You must choose five numbers and two star numbers. If these match those drawn, you are the big winner. Two draws are held each week: one draw on Tuesday, and a second on Friday. The first draw took place on Friday, February 13, 2004.

Since then, other European countries have joined this lottery. Today, there are twelve participating countries including Belgium and Austria. The game now costs two euros and fifty cents compared to two euros when it started. You have the option of completing your grid alone or choosing the “Flash” system whose numbers are chosen at random by a computer.

The EuroMillions, also called My Million, offers less chances of winning the big jackpot than the Loto according to FDJ statistics. Nevertheless, it specifies that “by playing EuroMillions – My Million, you have a 1 in 13 chance (all ranks combined) of winning”. So you can still hope to have a nice win without getting the super jackpot. The minimum jackpot is seventeen million euros.

You can also play online and “in total, no less than 27 players who saw their My Million code designated by chance during the draw of the famous lottery game played on the internet” specifies the FDJ. If you prefer to visit your nearest tobacconist, discover in our slideshow below the regions with the highest number of winners in 2022.

In total, twelve regions have seen participants win the EuroMillions in 2022 according to information from the FDJ. Find out if your region is one of them to try your luck in the next draw. We remind you that it is always necessary to play in moderation.