On December 17, 2022, Indira Ampiot, the candidate representing Guadeloupe in the Miss France election, won the coveted crown of beauty queen. At just 18 years old, the one who has just graduated with honors, finds herself propelled to the rank of icon of France.

A victory that was not easy to achieve, as the young woman told us. “At the beginning, I still didn’t realize because it was only the beginning. I was able to rest a little, because it was the end of the year holidays and I was with my family”. A family that supported her tirelessly in this competition. It must be said that his mother is no stranger to this kind of competition since she herself was Miss.

“Because my mother took part in the competition, she showed me a bit of what she did when she was a candidate. When I was little, I had fun going down and up the stairs. She gave me little advice, but it is especially with my first committee that I had a sports preparation, in Catwalk and with Miss Guadeloupe, a more in-depth preparation with elocution lessons, sports as well as with Miss France too. was always good to learn and discover.

During her coronation, Indira Ampiot faced an Agathe Cauet, representative of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. A few minutes from her victory, the two young women shared a moment of complicity that Miss France 2023 revealed to us. “It was quite funny when normally it’s supposed to be the most stressful moment. To lighten the mood, I said ‘Agathe, I get lost in your eyes’. She has beautiful blue eyes (laughs )”.

Thanks to her coronation, Indira Ampiot did not only win her crown. She also won a trip… to Guadeloupe. “I don’t know at all. I already have my return to Guadeloupe, my return to the region after, I had won a Paris-Guadeloupe trip with Miss France, I won two trips. I have several tickets to come to Guadeloupe , so I don’t know, we’ll see (laughs)

For a year, Indira Ampiot, like her predecessors, will travel through the many regions of France before giving up her title at the end of the year. The young woman of 18 years intends to resume her studies. “I plan to resume my studies, my return is scheduled for January 2024”, she explains although she does not close any doors as to the possible opportunities presenting themselves to her.