On October 20, TF1 will broadcast its new fiction titled I3P. A detective series that will feature singer Marc Lavoine who will play psychiatrist Mathias Bernardt. “In Paris, if you have amnesia, if you have visions or if you show signs of delirium in the street, you are taken to the Psychiatric Infirmary of the Prefecture of Police. Professor Mathias Bernardt, a psychiatrist who has the power to let his patients return to their normal life, to hospitalize them but also to hand them over to the police (…) Based on his testimony, Bernardt and his close guard lead the investigation despite the systematic opposition of the commissioner Nathalie Fontaine, can we read in a press release from the chain.

In this series, Marc Lavoine will give the answer to the actress Barbara Schulz, seen on the small screen in Gloria, The replacement, The Mystery of the lake or The Art of crime. In an interview with Télé Star, the actress had mentioned her role as commissioner. “She’s definitely not in a ‘wow, that’s so unfair’ position, complaining about being bullied. Sometimes she’s the one who bullies others. It’s not unpleasant to play this kind of character. And with Mathias, played by Marc Lavoine, there is a game of seduction that sets in”, she had told and to confide in her preparation for this role: “I had feedback from the police on my way of holding a weapon. ‘Never put your finger on the trigger when you aim!’, that’s what I was told, for example”.

Planet invites you to discover in our slideshow the photos of the actors of the I3P fiction.