Hygiene-concept at the airport – passengers can move between the cleaning robots and MaskenautomatenAm Thursday presented the Zurich airport, as he wants to the health of its passengers during the pandemic, protect. Among the measures are some curiosities, besides go off at a tangent.Konrad Staehelin0 Comment of a new cleaning robot is cleaning at the airport, although only the ground, which does not protect against Corona. For this he uses free elsewhere resources. Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

On Sunday the Zurich airport, as many passengers counted as in the past, never in the Corona-crisis: 3500. A year ago, there were daily, around 100’000. Because the number is likely to increase constantly, it will again close, whereby the danger of Infection increases.

this is the reason why the airport management explained on Thursday, the measures for health protection. As soon as would be comparable to the processes, and must be not of additional waiting times.

1. Disinfectants en masse

If the security control, in the Café or at the Boarding gate: Everywhere, where it can be closely, to make signs and glue to the minimum of attention. In addition, 200 disinfectant dispensers are scattered around the grounds. To the hand of the escalators of the airport will runs in addition, UV lamps install that kill the Virus.

2. Cleaning robot

the most striking piece of news: Two robots are in use, the brush to the floor. This does not protect against Covid, the human cleaning staff more time for manual cleaning of the contact surfaces.

3. Mask recommendation, but not required

to create a distance, is only open every second Check-in Desk. Here, as in many other places, protects a sheet of plexiglass in front of a droplet infection. The passenger is not wearing a mask, notify employees on the gurney recommendation. In Zurich no obligation, other than at the airport in Basel, however.

the passenger is happy To comply with the recommendation, it will offer him to purchase the few open shops, but also Selecta-vending machines, masks, and disinfectants in the range of just have.

free tip for cheapskates: The Canton police officers at the security check have a supply of masks, which set the people free of charge, if you do not have it.

4. Staggered Boarding

the aircraft Is not on the finger dock, lurks the danger of infection in the buses across the tarmac. In order to allow the minimum distance that should be used per machine up to five times more buses than usual, announced the service provider Swissport. The Boarding is staggered to take place.

5. Body temperature remains the exception

A particularly strict Regime, Air Canada and Alitalia to pull out: Because their respective governments demand it, is measured by the passengers when Boarding the body’s temperature who has a fever, can’t. For passengers of other airlines, there are no measurements.

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