Djibril Cissé: he participated in Mask Singer thanks to Camille Combal


Already three years of investigation and the stars have not finished surprising you in Mask Singer. As season 4 begins this Tuesday, August 23 on TF1, Camille Combal welcomes an unprecedented quartet of investigators. While comedian Kev Adams remains faithful to the post, he is joined this year by actress Chantal Ladesou, singer Vitaa and ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc (never without his sidekick Jean-Marc).

After three editions rich in surprises and shows, several candidates have lent themselves to the game by illustrating themselves in incredible and unusual disguises. While some personalities have preferred to decline the production’s invitation, others do not hesitate to step up to take part in the TF1 competition. “Every year, we have more and more people, even those we don’t expect, who contact us, and so we’re very happy about that,” producer Anthony Meunier said during the press conference. which Planet attended, in the Lendit studios (at Plaine Saint-Denis) at the beginning of July 2022.

It even happens that stars volunteer by submitting their application spontaneously, as Camille Combal swore in front of journalists. “I receive messages”, before adding. “There are people who would like to do it. Like people who have done it”. And, to cite, as an example, the former international football player Djibril Cissé, who slipped into the skeleton costume in season 2.

“Two years ago, he asked me by text. I told him that it was not me who decides”, assures the one who has no idea of ​​​​the candidates hidden under the costumes. “And afterwards, I gave him contact details. I had no idea if he was in it. But he sent me an unsolicited application,” admits the famous host of the program.

An astonishing anecdote that the former candidate and fan of Mask Singer had told in the pages of Télé Star, after his elimination, in 2020. “When I saw season 1 last year, I sent an SMS to Camille Combal to tell him that I wanted to participate! I love the concept because I like to set the mood, to put on a show. What you have seen is me in the changing rooms of football stadiums and in the life of every day. Seeing me sing on stage made my children and my girlfriend laugh, especially my daughter: she sings and dances, she dreams of doing musicals!”

Like Djibril Cissé, 12 new stars have agreed to step into the shoes of a character and put on a show on stage in front of the public and viewers. At the end of each show, two stars will be unmasked while guest investigators and international stars will join in the fun. Who will succeed Laurence Boccolini (the unicorn), Larusso (the penguin) and Denitsa Ikonomova (the butterfly) in lifting the Mask Singer trophy? Answer this fall.