Summer vacation time is coming soon. This year, more than 33 million French people have planned to leave during this summer period of 2022, specifies the consulting company Protourisme.

Regardless of the length of the stay, it is necessary to prepare well for your absence. Here is what you should do before you leave to ensure the safety of your accommodation during your vacation:

To ensure the safety of your accommodation during your holidays, it is also possible to register for the “holiday tranquility” operation.

Who better than the police and gendarmerie to protect your accommodation from damage, burglary or squatting during your vacation? This is what the “holiday tranquility” operation offers. In your absence, the authorities are responsible for monitoring your home during their rounds.

This service is completely free. Registration is done online or directly at the police station or gendarmerie brigade. You will need to present proof of identity and proof of address.

Attention, if your accommodation depends on the police services, you will have to make the request “at the latest 3 days before your departure”, specifies the site of the public service. If it depends on the gendarmerie services, you have until the day before your departure to register.

Once registered, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. You will be contacted by the authorities only if “the patrol finds something suspicious”, indicates the administration’s website.