Had Games, an example of a back charge of sport international


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Also, and the champions of cross training have had to deal with the doubts, the respect and the fear of being infected by coronaviruses. But the Spanish Games, held this past weekend in Valencia, have shown that with determination and collective and individual responsibility to the sport can return , even this discipline that, by its characteristics, has a lot of potential contagion risk. While other, like tennis, is still paused because it’s not just finding the right formula for rectivarse. What could have been a made a bold decision for its early realization, ended up being an event example of how to manage the return of sporting competitions , safe and without losing the values that make grow the society.

“The most difficult thing was making the decision to do so. From there, each step was a negotiation. And there was uncertainty, and it has been difficult, but there are still courageous that you want to add. Because they have been clear that with common sense you can do everything,” he explains to ABC, the director of the tournament, Ivan Colmenarejo . In his head, and in that of his team, he forged this sixth edition of the Spanish Games in a health situation that is complex. But they have managed to channel the efforts in shielding the athletes and workers against the coronavirus with very strict rules and a great deal of individual responsibility. And in this, athletes tend to be the best examples.

addressed all the logistical aspects, such as the arrival of 90 participants from 10 countries (Israel, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary, Colombia) to the airport of valencia. Or stay for five days at the same facility. Also increased the staff that help in all aspects of the competition, security, travel and medical care, up to a total of 122 people. And, of course, created a protocol antiCovid-19 strict that has been essential to everyone’s peace of mind.

We generated a aisle clean between the concentration hotel and the venues where we performed the tests: pavilion municipal Fuente de San Luis, the polideportivo Quatre Carreres and the City of Arts and Sciences. In addition, there were medical staff available 24 hours a day, monitoring the symptoms was extreme, as well as the isolation procedure in case of positive. Of course, to strengthen the rules and equipment of protections for individual and distance of safety, and made 350 test for coronavirus . “The sport has already changed by the coronavirus. What needs to change now is the mentality that sport is the core of contagion. There has been cases in gyms, for example, and we must maintain the idea that the sport is healthy , ” continues Colmenarejo.

And without fear of contagion, the athletes were able to focus only on the competition. To offer the best of themselves to give the best show to the public virtual continued their competitions on digital platforms.

The sport has changed, but the effort is the same . And even more so in the case of the organizers of the tournaments, they have in the Spanish Games an example of how you can return to the sport with safety and success. “Yes, we thought that as we were coming back to the sport too soon, but also afternoon if we wanted to reactivate the society. We are a society prepared to deal with any eventuality, and we had to demonstrate that we remain the first country in which to live and visit in the world,” ditch Colmenarejo.

the sporty look, the Had Games handed out the same bag of prizes in the competitions female than male. And there was another bag of solidarity, among the inscriptions and voluntary donations, to help families most affected by the coronavirus.


RX female

1.- Jacqueline Dahlstrom

2.- Silvia Gracía

3.- Lisa Eble

RX male

1.- Stefano Carosso

2.- Fabian Beneito

3.- Javi González


1.- Marie Jensen

2.- Erin Sims

3.- Alina Marin

Master male

1.- Albert Naugle

2.- Sergio Cutanda

3.- Gorka Nephew