The American sports article giant Nike has increased revenue and profit in the most recent quarter, thanks to strong Online sales and high demand in China and North America. In the three months to the end of November, revenue climbed year on year by ten percent to 9,37 billion dollars (8,18 billion euros), as the Adidas rival on Thursday, after U.S. stock exchange announced conclusion. The Surplus grew, therefore, also by ten percent to 847 million dollars.

In its home market of North America, the Nike had temporarily weakened, there was an increase in turnover of nine per cent. Growth driver remains, however, business in China, which grew by 26 percent. The Figures comfortably exceeded expectations and arrived at the market. The stock rose after trading hours initially to around seven percent. You go with a huge drive and a wide range of innovations to the year 2019, said Nike boss Mark Parker. Once again, he highlighted the progress in the Online marketing as the reason for the strong results.

During the sports article manufacturer, therefore, auspicious times, contrary to looks, is it for Wall Street, a total of more downhill. The Dow Jones Industrial lost around 2 percent on 22.859,60 points and slipped to the lowest level since the beginning of October last year. In December alone, a loss of more than 10 per cent, now stands to beech.

the Fed and the Trump press stock prices

Were taken care of on the day prior to the interest rate forecasts of the us Federal reserve Bank in the equity markets for disappointment, so goss is now Donald Trump’s new Oil into the fire: The President shows up to fight against a threat of a government standstill hard. He would consider not funding the law, if it is not the “perfect border security” leg. In trump’s view, a border wall is to be understood Mexico.