Group, Wagner – U.S. military: Around 2000 Russian mercenaries in Libya aktivIm Libyan civil war, more mercenaries closely with the Kremlin-connected military service provider will participate, according to the U.S. military than previously assumed.1 Kommentar1Ohne territorial badge: Russian soldiers 2014 in the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea.Photo: AP

You assume that there are 2000 employees of the private Russian “Wagner group” in Libya, said Nicole cherry-man, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Africa command, on Wednesday the German press Agency. They were entrusted with various tasks.

The use of the “Wagner group” in Libya is controversial. An internal UN report had spoken recently of about 800 to 1200 paramilitaries who fought on the side of the insurgent General Khalifa Haftar. The group is said to have relations with the Kremlin.

warlord Khalifa Haftar during a visit to Moscow in November 2016.Photo: Keystone

President Vladimir Putin had repeatedly stressed that mercenaries of all possible States to be in Libya in use. Including Russians should fight, not be in the state order there. Haftar receives in his fight against the internationally-recognized government, among other things, the help of Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.


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