it’s klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg, and Donald Trump, no, friends, it turned out to be, but have a look at the recent united nations climate summit in New York city. It was there that the U.s. president and statements by the Swedish af as a ‘fake news’. And when he afterwards, on Twitter, described it as a happy little girl with a bright future, the young activist is not different than to react to it.

If the eyes are able to shoot, it was Donald Trump, who has exactly fifteen minutes to present at the conference, riddled with bullet holes. Greta Thunberg, the new klimaatactiviste, from Sweden, was able to ask even less than the boss, then the U.s. president, the press talked about the environment.

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And then, in itself, the word was given, she was furious, and he gave them to the world with a flick of the pan. “I wouldn’t be here. I would be in school and have to sit on the other side of the atlantic. How dare you?” You will have to have my dreams come true, and my youth is stolen, with your empty words. You will have failed.”

The images of an evil, Hidden as they went around the world and came to visit at Home. He wrote to her on Twitter to be a happy, happy girl with a bright future. But Greta was not up to that description. Instead of a focus on the response of the president, made her statement on Twitter, along with the words of the president.

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