“the obstacles have made us what we are.” The motto on the wall of the meeting room of Knettenbrech and Gurdulic could at the same time as a title on the timeline by nearly 20 years of company history, which was complemented with the turn of the year, an important Chapter. The breath-consuming quickly expanded to a medium-sized company, is now out for the rest of the garbage-disposal of a capital charge. Even without these profitable contractors Steffen Gurdulic would have forced the construction of a private waste-to-energy plant, to take the entire value-added chain in our own hands.

However, with the garbage of the capital, and with their earnings a strong daughter Eswe supply as a Partner in the boat of the economic success of the garbage furnace is almost guaranteed. Because the LCA is the better, the more heat is generated and in the municipal district heating network is fed. The recently confirmed the participation of Eswe supply to the more than 100-million-Euro project was expected, therefore, because mutual dependencies simply suggest. And the inclusion of the Darmstadt Entega, which has many years of experience with the operation of a garbage furnace, was another smart move by Gurdulic. As long as the Wiesbaden-based waste-to-oven is not available, it is ensured that the waste in Darmstadt, Germany, can be burned.

look back in anger

it has floated in the Wiesbaden city policy to be vocal, because a subsidiary has assigned to the municipal waste disposal companies ELW the construction of a waste incineration plant in the town area due to the transparent design of the public tender quasi through the back door, is quite understandable. The law of the city should be prescribed, of basic choices from your own Consideration to make, and the way the residual waste disposal.

But the look back in anger is not helpful. The garbage furnace is coming, and it would be more than strange, if the city in the upcoming authorisation process, a negative attitude to a project on a partition that wants to be part of your daughter Eswe only to be given to costs in addition, Wiesbaden with its citizens comparatively cheap disposal.